So Long, Farewell...

When you're thrown for a loop, look for the fun.


As a working mom, you count on predictability to keep things running smoothly.

I know my son's preschool opens at 8:30 a.m., so I can make it to work on time after drop off. I know that the café in my building's lobby has a killer arugula salad on the days I need some healthy greens. And I can count on my husband to pick up my son after school so I can get in a full day's work.

The trouble starts when something throws your normal schedule for a loop. This week, it was the noontime phone call on Tuesday from my son's preschool telling me that they suspected he had pink eye and he needed to be picked up immediately—and he couldn't come back until his eyes were free and clear.

In my scramble to find day care, I ended up taking my son to work with me on Thursday morning to meet up with my mom who was going to watch him for the day. As we drove through each level of the parking garage looking for a free spot, my son said, "We are going around and around. This is fun!" I drive "around and around" that garage every day and it's never occurred to me that it could be fun. It actually is. That's one of the unexpected things about being thrown for a loop—sometimes it turns out to be much better than you expected.

I'm hoping for the same positive outcome for my latest loop-de-loop. I found out just over a week ago that the parent company for Fit Pregnancy is moving the magazine to New York and letting its L.A.-based staff go. The news was unexpected and sad and, as someone who identifies herself as a working mama through and through, the thought of not working makes me uncomfortable. Very uncomfortable.

Of course, I'm worried about finding a new job (and about being able to pay the bills in the meantime), but what I'll really miss is the community of working moms I've counted on for advice and support in my office, as well as the moms I've heard from here, here, here, here and here.

But if I've learned anything as a working mama, it's that no matter what curve ball comes my way, you've got to trust that it's all going to work out for the best. And, who knows? It may turn out to be the most fun I've ever had.