Would You Take Your Baby to Work if You Could?

A California firm has a policy that allows parents to bring their young babies to work. Would you do it if your company let you?

People working with two children in office Simon Ritzmann/Getty Images
Any parent who has ever returned to work after parental leave knows firsthand how difficult it is. Separation anxiety is a very real thing—you'll probably wonder if you're missing out on your baby's milestones, and focusing on work when you have a newborn at home can be so tough—but would having the ability to take your child to work with you make this any easier?

The corporate world has come a long way when it comes to making things easier for working parents. Parental leave policies are steadily improving, teleworking opportunities abound...and employees at one company are even able to bring their children to work with them. Schools Financial Credit Union, a large financial cooperative based in Sacramento, has had a babies-at-work program in place since 2001: Under it, parents have the ability to take their babies to work with them until they are six months old.

It's great that Schools Financial doesn't try to replace parental leave with this policy. According to WGRZ News, a mom named Alyssa Palomino began taking her eight-week-old daughter to work after maternity leave, and the policy seems to work out well for this particular mother. “It was one of the reasons I was interested in coming over here,” Palomino said. “I knew we were going to start a family at some point, and a huge benefit was being able to bring our babies to work for six months.”

This move is appealing to a lot of other new parents as well. In fact, reports indicate that over 130 children have been involved with the program, and both mothers and fathers have utilized it.

We are always in favor of initiatives that make life easier for working parents. Being a parent can be incredibly stressful—but so can being an employee. Would being able to merge these two responsibilities make life easier for new parents...or would it be completely overwhelming?

Of course, there are plenty of parents out there who work from home and routinely juggle conference calls and diaper changes, sometimes at the same time. But we wonder if it's different when you're doing it on your own turf—would you simply be too stressed out to concentrate on the work at hand if your baby started crying around all of your co-workers? Would Baby have a hard time adjusting to a strange environment full of other people and lots of noise? 

It's a complicated matter for sure. Do you wish your job offered a program like this? Or do you think you'd find it tougher to get work done if you took your baby to the office with you every day?