11 Silly Things That Made Us Cry in Pregnancy

So it's totally common to cry during pregnancy—everybody does it—but is it normal to cry about things like chicken, Ellen and literally spilled milk? Yeah it is.

11 Silly Things That Made Us Cry in Pregnancy ArtFamily/Shutterstock

One totally normal symptom of pregnancy is the ability to cry about anything and everything. That hokey commercial? Floods of tears. That viral video? Unbearable. We've all been guilty of it—and it's no one's fault. With pregnancy comes a potent cocktail of progesterone, estrogen and hCG, the pregnancy hormone, which combine to cause a mix of emotions that can catch you off guard. And sometimes you gotta just laugh about it.

In an effort to do just that, we gathered some of our writers' and readers' most over-the-top crying-during-pregnancy stories. See if any of these sound familiar...

Sex and the City

"A month before my due date I spent a weekend binge-watching Sex and the City, and I cried through SO many episodes, especially those with a lot of Miranda and Steve. In retrospect I realize that the series was probably not as emotionally fraught as I was!" — Jessica Hartshorn, senior lifestyle editor, American Baby magazine

Spilled milk

"I literally cried over spilled milk! I opened a yogurt, and it dripped on the seat of the rental car I was in. I was so upset I wanted to turn the car around and cancel my trip!" — Christine Kurz, reader

A christmas tree

"When I was about 8 1/2 months pregnant with my second son, it was early December and my hubby and I were debating whether or not to buy a real Christmas tree for our apartment. He didn't want one—not enough space, too much work, blah blah—but I did, and who can argue with a pregnant lady? We decided to get a tree that same day, and I got so overwhelmed with happiness I started crying! I am generally not a sappy/emotional person, nor am I a some kind of Christmas freak, but even I succumbed to those bizarro hormones." — Maria Stegner, deputy art director, Parents magazine

A chocolate chip pancake

"I came in from working in the yard to eat the last chocolate chip pancake leftover from breakfast. Only I couldn't, because my husband had thrown it away ... and dumped the vacuum on it. I bawled." — Jordon Holliday Hester, reader, Cape Girardeau, Mo.

The Price is Right

"I admit I cried while watching The Price is Right. She won the showcase! Tears!" — Gail O'Connor, senior editor, Parents magazine

A seatbelt

"Every time we would go somewhere, my boyfriend would not buckle his seatbelt and a chime would 'ding.' I would ask him to buckle and every time he refused. Balled like a baby." — Rachel Michener, reader, Kansas City, Mo.

A messy apartment

"I was in the middle of my third trimester and crazy hormonal. One day after work, my husband casually mentioned that our friend, Kal, was dropping by for a visit. I took one look around my slightly messy apartment, declared it a 'war zone'—exact words *cringe*—and immediately burst into tears because I was convinced I'd have to scrub everything floor-to-ceiling before he arrived. Paul thought I was joking at first—this is how bizarre my reaction was—but after watching me cry and rant for five solid minutes, he asked Kal to reschedule. Kal eventually did, but not until a few weeks after I gave birth. Smart guy." — Bonnie Gibbs Vengrow, contributor, Fit Pregnancy


"I was watching Ellen's Mother's Day episode. The show had JUST started, nothing had even happened yet, all they did was span the audience of pregnant women and I lost it. Cried like a baby." — Rachel Schulz, reader

Dishes & carrots

"I was putting dishes away and I put a pot in the fridge. I made carrot cake and didn't add the carrot. Both times my kids and husband found it hilarious. I cried." — Amanda Toomey, reader

Barbecue chicken

"Once I was trying to make barbecue chicken, but I forgot the barbecue sauce at the store. I live a block away from our local grocery store, my husband offered to go grab it quick. I refused, tossed the chicken in the sink, gave my family ramen and cried." — Liya Quintal, reader

Or not...

"Strangely, pregnancy is the only time I didn't cry at ridiculous things." — Ellen Sturm Niz, contributor, Parents.com