5 Ways to Celebrate Mother's Day Before Baby

Mother's Day: the flowers, the presents, the brunch—all things for a mom-to-be to look forward to next year. Wrong: You can 100% celebrate before Baby is even born.

5 Ways to Celebrate Mother's Day Before Baby Falcona/Shutterstock

Just because your baby is still in your belly and not bouncing in your lap yet, why should you be left out of Mother's Day celebrations? You're already a mom after all—you sing and talk to your baby; you're making big sacrifices for her health (buh-bye wine); you wake up at all hours of the night for her (kicking that rib cage) and of course, you're already so in love with that ultrasound image you've seen on the screen.

So, send this list to hubby and tell him this Mother's Day is ON. Then start brainstorming some ideas to celebrate your expectancy and the lifetime of motherhood that's ahead of you!

If you haven't announced, it's time!

If you and your baby daddy have discussed announcing your pregnancy to your friends, family and, um, Facebook soon—consider doing it on Mother's Day. Traditionally, couples keep their pregnancy mum until after the first trimester, where risk for miscarriage significantly decreases. But it's becoming increasingly common for moms-to-be, like Jill Duggar, to spread the news before the 12 week mark, even as soon as they get that big fat positive. If you're at the point that's right for you and you're ready to share, what better day than Mother's Day to reveal your newfound status as Mommy? If not publicly, at least to your own mother. Just prepare for the inevitable shrieks, like in this adorable pregnancy reveal video.

Write a letter to your baby

Take some time on Mother's Day to write a letter to your little one. You can set it for him to open when he's 10, 18, 21 or whatever age feels right. It'll be a keepsake your child can treasure for always. Or, if digital is more your thang, do like this Google ad and set up an email account in your baby's name, then choose Mother's Day to start emailing her with anecdotes about your pregnancy and some of the incredible emotions you're feeling.

Have a moms brunch

Have friends or sisters who are already moms? Join in on their Mother's Day brunch plans and pick their brains about what they wish they knew before they became a mom. You might feel bummed to skip the mimosas, but you'll definitely feel like "one of the moms."

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Start a tradition

Before the baby comes into the picture—when you have oh so much time—is the perfect opportunity for you and your partner to establish a Mother's Day tradition of your own. Take a photo on your front porch every year? Have breakfast in bed? Go for a picnic in a local park? Here are some more great ideas to get you thinking.

Indulge in something relaxing

Make this Mother's Day all about you and take advantage of the peace and quiet you have now. Go for a massage, get a manicure/pedicure or spend the day taking a yoga class and laying outside. Whatever will relax you—and give your body a break from that massive transformation it's going through—go for it. It is your day, after all!