Boy Has Best Reaction to Becoming a Brother

A 5-year-old boy from the UK can't wait to be a big brother—and when he gets the big news from his mom that she has a baby in her belly, his reaction is priceless.

Boy Has Best Reaction to Becoming a Brother Facebook

This 5-year-old boy, Ethan Bromby, from the UK is stealing hearts all over the world after his mum shared the exciting news with him that he would be a big brother.

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Sarah Bromby, of Scunthorpe, United Kingdom, simply posted the footage of her son's reaction on Facebook, and in less than one week the video has been played over 21 million times.

This video starts as Bromby hands her son an ultrasound photograph, and he quickly figures out what it is. Then, his eyes widen as he asks her, "Is it in your belly? Is it?!" After he realizes that his younger sibling is indeed in mummy's tummy, he proudly shouts: "I'm going to be a new big brother!"

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The rest of the video rolls on as a heartwarming Q&A sesh unfolds, while big brother-to-be flashes some (totally priceless) uncontrollable smiles.

This little guy seems to have cast a spell over his viewers, and it might not just be due to his insanely cute British accent. Facebook users are quite taken by the resounding joy and curiosity he has about the new addition to his family.

"What a beautiful reaction. He will be a wonderful big brother—what a joy he is," posted Facebook user, Maria Endo Aware. Another person on Facebook, Karah Christian, commented, "I love that they—parents from the UK—raise their children with so much class, joy, respect, and responsibility." And Kathy O'Rourke Woods was not the only Facebook user to admit that his reaction made her cry.

There are actually thousands of comments from Facebook users applauding Ethan—thousands, people. Now we can only look forward to the footage of when he meets his little sibling for the first time!