BreakWomb Pregnancy Rap Is Keeping It Real

This pregnancy rap from comedian moms The BreakWomb gets real about the ups and downs of new motherhood and the love that makes it all worth it. Welcome to motherhood, grrrrrl!

BreakWomb Pregnancy Rap Is Keeping It Real The BreakWomb/YouTube

When you first tell people you're having a baby, you hear platitudes like, "a child is a bundle of joy," and "what a blessing." Most moms tend to avoid the not-so-fun parts of post-pregnancy that involve the intense changes to your body and sleepless nights. And it's even rarer to hear a rap about what to expect when you're expecting.

TheBreakWomb, a YouTube sketch-comedy group made up of comediennes Megan Grano, Molly Erdman and Laurel Coppock, has come out with this hilariously truthful rap about all that postpartum has to offer, while also reminding mothers-to-be about the love that makes it all worth it.

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The "moms who do comedy/comedians that do motherhood" met back in 1999 in Chicago, and have been performing together in various comedy projects ever since.

"As mothers/comedians, we had all three noticed a need for more sketch comedy specifically geared towards moms, because honestly, parenthood is so freakin' funny and we felt there was room for way more funny content about it," Grano told Fit Pregnancy. "We have found the response to be overwhelmingly positive. There's a lot of serious content out there for moms, and of course, that's much needed. But so are the laughs, am I right?!"

On juggling comedy and motherhood, Grano said, "The balancing act with the career can definitely be tough. When you're a comedian, there are a lot of late nights ... [and your] wake up call as a mom is 6 a.m. no matter what the next day ... Needless to say, we are EXTREMELY efficient with our time. Something that we probably weren't as good at before kids."

They say that laughter is the best medicine, so enjoy this rap while packing those nursing pads in your purse, and take comfort in knowing many moms have gone through similar experiences to you, and still (somehow) maintain a sense of humor about it.