Confessions: The Weirdest Things People Have Said to You During Pregnancy

Try not to cringe when you read some of the crazy things people have said to moms-to-be.

Surprised Pregnant Woman pathdoc/Shutterstock
When it comes to pregnancy, unsolicited comments and advice are as guaranteed as morning sickness. As if we didn't have enough pressure, stress, anxiety, discomfort and anticipation to deal with (not to mention added weight to carry) during those nine months, we're constantly up at bat deflecting the bizarre comments family, friends and total strangers feel the need to pitch our way. To make some light out of the sometimes obnoxious situation, we asked real moms to share the strangest things people have said to them while they were pregnant.

Labor intensive

"I was managing a hair salon at about 25 weeks pregnant and would always help out whether I was stocking shelves, working the front desk or cleaning up. One time I was sweeping hair off the floor and a client looked at me and said, 'You shouldn't be sweeping if you're pregnant." I didn't really respond, but was thinking to myself that I still have to clean the house. Another time I was at the front desk ringing out a client when she said 'Good luck, labor's a b*tch.' For the record I didn't think labor was all that bad."—Alli L.

Hot mama

"When I was pregnant with my second child, I was casually reading a magazine at Barnes & Noble when a stranger approached me. He walked right up to me, looked me in the eye, and said, 'I love hot moms.' Then he just walked away...I graciously accepted the (kinda odd) compliment."—Kasey T.

Code blue

"During my first day on the job as an anesthesia provider in the OB ward of a hospital I was six months pregnant. One of our 'golden girls,' or elderly anesthesia providers, who I was meeting for the first time looked down at my belly and said, 'Do you know how you got that way?' I giggled and said, 'I've taken a few anatomy classes.' She looks at me and said, 'You get it from f*cking.' I froze and started laughing hysterically, partially because it was the craziest thing anyone had ever said to me, and definitely gave me the shock and awe factor of being the 'new girl.'"—Jacqueline D.

TMI, Dad!

"When you first tell your parents they're going to be grandparents, you expect tears, hugs, laughter, etc. What I didn't expect was so many questions as to how it happened! As soon as the initial announcement shock wore off, my dad started asking me questions about when and where it happened. My parents had been visiting us around the time and my dad was curious about his proximity to the conception. Questions as to what date, time, etc., came flying at me and all I could think was 'Is my dad really asking for specific details about how my husband put a baby inside me?' Mortified, I quickly said it was after their visit, and shut down the conservation! Apparently my dad does not believe in TMI when it comes to his future grandchild."—Ali H.

On the nose

"I'm from a Jewish family with both Hasidic and Ashkenazi relatives. The mother of my first cousin's wife is a Hasidic Jewish immigrant from Argentina whose family fled Nazi Europe in the 40s. When I first made the announcement to my family about my pregnancy and that I was having a girl, she told me that my nose will get bigger because, according to old Jewish tradition, my baby girl is taking my beauty from me. I went on to hear that a second time at my baby shower! I guess my nose looks bigger, but according to medical science, it's because of hormones."—Tobi S.

Birth plan 

"I was approached by a stranger in a public bathroom who commented on my obvious pregnancy, but also felt the need to impart some wisdom my way. She said she just read on Facebook about a woman in labor who had to pull over and deliver her baby on the highway. This perfect stranger wanted to make sure I didn't suffer the same fate. She told me to make sure I leave early for the hospital and not to have my baby on the side of the road. Great advice! Now let me go update my birth plan!"—Noelle A.

Grumpy guy

"I was eight months pregnant with my first baby and walking home from work. A stranger walked past me in the other direction and said congratulations. I smiled and turned around to say thank you when he continued talking and said '...for bringing another baby in this f***ed up world.' How nice!"—Zaida K.

Size matters

"The worst thing that someone ever said to me was when I was nine months pregnant with my third child. I was outside on my driveway chasing my two-year-old when a friend (or maybe he wasn't a friend) said, 'Wow, look at you! Have you ever thought of measuring your stomach?' I really couldn't believe it. I delivered a sweet baby girl three days later."—Trish H.

Weight, what?

"I had had my baby already when an acquaintance came over and asked when I was due. I told her 'the month before' and she was so confused. She didn't realize I had already had the baby even though the baby was there at my house! Then she told me I needed to exercise, which is why she is, and continues to be, only an acquaintance!" —Priscilla B.