Getting Pregnant

First Signs of Pregnancy--Early Symptoms of Your First Trimester

Here are nine subtle clues that you might be pregnant.

8 Diet Changes to Help Increase Your Fertility

Make these changes to your diet to improve your fertility and ovulation function.

Top 5 Foods You Should Be Eating Before You Get Pregnant

Effortless, delicious ways to prepare your body for pregnancy.

The 10 Best Fertility Apps

TTC? There's an app for that. In fact, the fertility app space has never been, well, more fertile. One of these 10 picks may help you conceive this year.

5 Sperm-Friendly Lubricants to Help You Conceive

8 Household Products to Avoid When TTC

When you're trying to conceive (TTC), it's important to reduce your exposure to unnecessary chemicals that affect your fertility. Here are 8 everyday items to avoid.

The Latest Celebrity Pregnancies

Brooklyn Decker, Jamie-Lynn Sigler, Jessica Alba, Mindy Kaling, Nicky Hilton Rothschild, Julia Stiles, Nikki Reed, and other celebs are pregnant. Who's due next?

Maximize Your Chances of Getting Pregnant

Everything you need to know to maximize your chances of conceiving.

Weight Gain Calculator

Use our tool to calculate your pre-pregnancy BMI. This will give you a starting point for recommended weight gain.

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'Am I Pregnant?' 6 Things You Should Know About the 2-Week Wait

The two weeks between ovulation and your pregnancy test can be stressful. Make it through in one piece.

Ready, Set, Conceive!

A 3-month guide to preparing yourself for pregnancy.

10 Most Subtle Early Signs of Pregnancy

4 Things You Should Avoid Before You Get Pregnant

What to avoid (and what to start doing) when you're trying to get pregnant.

IVF is Probably More Expensive Than You Thought

IVF's price tag just might make your jaw drop. A recent report highlights the financial drain associated with fertility treatments.

Miscarriage Demystified

Pregnancy losses are common and usually unavoidable. The good news is that most women go on to have healthy babies.

How Risky Is Having a D&C After Miscarriage?

A new study has doctors discussing ways to make miscarriage safer for women, including whether the D&C procedure could lead to preterm birth.

Did Acupuncture Help Me Get Pregnant?

Frustrated that she wasn't getting pregnant, but not yet ready to turn to infertility treatment, Whitney Harris tried acupuncture to help her conceive.

11 Things to Try Before Seeing a Fertility Doctor

7 Celebrity Parents Who Opened Up About Their Miscarriages

A pregnancy loss can be detrimental and make you feel alone, but estimates say 10 to 25 percent of all pregnancies will end in miscarriage. These seven brave celebrities shared their struggles with fertility, their difficult losses and how they've kept hope alive.

Ovulation Calculator

You can increase your odds of getting pregnant by finding out which days of the month you're more likely to be fertile.

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TTC? 7 Real Ways to Improve Your Egg Quality for Better Success

When you're trying to conceive, all you need is one good egg. Here's how to get it.

5 Ways to Naturally Boost Your Progesterone for a Healthier Pregnancy

Having high levels of progesterone is key for a healthy pregnancy. Here are some natural ways to make sure you have the right hormonal balance.

Baby-Making Sex: What It's Really Like

If you're working on trying to conceive that baby, with all its TTC, BFP, BFN, and AF lingo, you're not alone. Here's what baby-making sex is really like--in GIFs!

Formerly Infertile

After infertility, pregnancy should be a dream come true. Then why do so many women feel anxious, conflicted or even guilty about it?