Baby-Making Sex: What It's Really Like

If you're working on trying to conceive that baby, with all its TTC, BFP, BFN, and AF lingo, you're not alone. Here's what baby-making sex is really like—in GIFs!

Baby-Making Sex: What It's Really Like in GIFs NAS CRETIVES/Shutterstock

Fact: making a baby is something to look forward to. No protection, no anxiety about getting knocked up and, best of all, you get to try with the person you love the most. Also a fact: baby-making sex can be exhausting, frustration, complicated, confusing... and well, redundant at times. If you're aiming for a baby, banking on your fertility window and crossing your fingers and toes that you'll miss your period, you're not alone. Here's what baby-making sex is really like.

So you've spent the last decade trying your best not to get pregnant.

And now you and the hubs have made the decision to let Mother Nature do her thang.

Throwing away those birth control pills was—admittedly—a little sexy.

And when you told your OB-GYN about your plans, she was almost as excited as you were.

The first time you had sex without having to worry about a damn thing, you were both like:

...and while he fell asleep, you started wondering if you could be pregnant already?!?!

The next few weeks, you had sex like you did when you first met ... All. The. Time. Because, why not? Pregnancy isn't scary anymore!

But when your period arrives on time, no delay, no change, no anything ... you kind of, well, burst into tears.

Welp. Then you decide it's time to get serious. Not as easy as we thought it'd be.

You buy the books, a basal thermometer, download the apps and you think you're actually ready now.

Oh wait, what's this about a fertile window? WHAT?! We have to time our sex down to JUST a few days?

OK, we can do this. But wait—figuring out this fertile window thing is no easy task. Hubby tries to help.

And then you're back in the saddle. You're feeling sexy. You're ready. You're one hot mama (to be!)

And then you have sex again.

And again!

And ugh... Now, too.

You kind of forget that you're married and ya know, in love, and you feel more like you have one job. And one job only.

But there's an end goal here...

So even if you have to try 100 more times before you see those lines...

You'll keep at it. And, um, maybe buy some more lube.

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