Best Cities: A Few of Your Favorite Places

Fit Pregnancy readers share their comments on why they believe they live in a great place to be pregnant, give birth and raise a family.

We asked Fit Pregnancy readers why they believe they live in a great place to be pregnant, give birth and raise a family. Some of you raved about your small towns, others proudly defended your big-city addresses. Here’s a sampling of the feelings you shared with us.

Boulder, Colo. “Boulder is a great place to enjoy being pregnant, giving birth and raising a family. Many yoga studios offer prenatal yoga classes at all times of the day. There are doulas galore available for prenatal coaching and alternative birthing classes such as HypnoBirthing. There’s also plenty of prenatal exercise classes. The mild weather and mountain setting make it an ideal place for pregnant women to hike or just stroll around. The hospitals have excellent birthing facilities and the choices are abundant, from OB-GYNs to midwives to birthing centers or home births.” — Bobbi Jakopin

Houston “In what other major city could you buy a 3,000-square-foot house on a golf course, in a good school district and only about 30 minutes from downtown for less than $250,000? There are great parks, a zoo and a children’s museum, plus a program called Mother’s Day Out for children a year old and up that gives mom precious time to do her own thing for a half-day once or twice a week.” — Sandi Chilton

Hutchinson, Minn. “When I gave birth to my son, I had the best medical care and the warmest staff I have ever experienced. I often see my OB-GYN and my children’s pediatrician around town, and they always have time to stop and say hello, and ask how the children are doing. I am always strongly recommending the hospital I gave birth in to friends who live outside of my town. The schools are small and personal, and the city parks are kid-friendly and clean. There is a beautiful walking trail that is well-maintained and safe. I am finally at home in a small, warm and very close community.” — Lisa Mikkola

Jacksonville, Fla. “This town is the perfect choice for raising families. There are tons of things to do, the people are friendly and it has a small-town feel. There are many great schools, beautiful beaches and parks, and unending employment opportunities. We have quite a few top-of-the-line hospitals, including Wolfsons Children’s Hospital. There are numerous day-care facilities, and our city even offers free day care to low-income families.” — Apryl Blakney

Overland Park, Kan. “I couldn’t imagine raising my children anywhere else but here, a place where people are still friendly, trustworthy and kind. I feel safe all hours of the day, and at peace about trusting others with my children, and am close to every modern convenience without having to sit in traffic to get to it. I can’t wait for my children to begin absorbing and integrating into the city around them.” — Sarah Patton

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