Could Drinking Smoothies Help Couples Get Pregnant?

When a couple—both the woman and man—drinks vitamin-rich smoothies, the odds of getting pregnant goes up.

Smoothies with vitamins can help couples get pregnant. Impact Photography / Shutterstock
You've heard of The Fertility Diet and how it reportedly boosts the odds of a woman conceiving, right? If recent research is any indication, though, you may not need to completely overhaul your eating habits to gain a TTC advantage: Just sip on a smoothie. Oh, and make your partner drink one, too!

Researchers from the University of Southampton, who presented their study at 2017's European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology conference, performed a controlled trial on 102 couples—both the women and men—undergoing IVF treatments, and their findings may be reassuring to all who are trying to conceive.

The study's authors divided the couples sampled into two groups: They gave the first group of women and men smoothies containing fertility-friendly vitamins, while the other group drank regular juice. According to their results, those who drank the smoothies (which were rich in vitamins C and D, folic acid and omega-3) were about 5 percent more likely to conceive.

How exactly did these vitamin-rich smoothies help? According to lead researcher Alexandra Kermack, Ph,D., "Previous research shows that omega 3 is absolutely vital for sperm, making them stronger swimmers, and vitamin D makes the womb more receptive and 'sticky' for the embryo to implant."

While these effects were observed across women who were undergoing fertility treatments, researchers have reason to believe this link may hold up in women who are attempting to conceive naturally. And you may not even need a smoothie in order to get this fertility boost: The smoothies involved in this study contained the same amount of nutrients found in a multivitamin or a piece of salmon.

With that being said, though, doctors believe drinking smoothies may make it easier for women and men to get those nutrients. Some of us have trouble remembering to take a vitamin every day, or are too lazy to keep up with a healthy diet 24/7. But who doesn't want to slurp down a trendy—and yummy—smoothie every day? If replacing a snack with a daily smoothie is a key to conception, maybe we'll start seeing fertility-boosting shakes on store shelves soon!

In the meantime, if you want to boost your odds of getting pregnant, focus on getting your body—and your partner's—as healthy as possible: Pop a daily prenatal vitamin, eat your leafy greens, hit the gym often, and try to keep stress to a minimum. This study just reinforces the fact that when it comes to getting pregnant, lifestyle and overall health matter. For both women and men!