Couple Gets Pregnancy Announcement Assist From State Trooper

Aw! You'll love how this state trooper helped one couple break the news of their pregnancy.

Breaking the news of your pregnancy is incredibly exciting—and for one couple, the excitement almost put them afoul of the law. A New Jersey couple was en route to tell their family members they're expecting, and they were in such a hurry to get there, they began to speed...and sure enough, they got pulled over. 

But they were in for a sweet surprise from the state trooper. Instead of punishing the couple, the official let them off with a warning...and a pregnancy reveal assist.

The encounter was captured on a dashcam video, and it's so sweet to see how the trooper helped the couple come up with a creative idea for the reveal.

 “I’m just going to give you a warning,” Trooper Charles Olsen told the couple, according to a video posted to the New Jersey State Police Facebook page. “The warning I gave you is not going to be for speeding or anything. I gave: ‘failure to use a car seat for a child under 8 years.’ So you can be like, ‘Mom and Dad, look, I got a warning for this.’ And they’ll be like ‘Why’d you get that?’ And you can be like, ‘We’re pregnant!’”

How fun is that? The trooper congratulated the couple and sent them on their way—but we're guessing they'll never forget Trooper Olsen's major role in their reveal.