Dad Hijacks Wife's Pregnancy Test, Surprises HER With Pregnancy News

The new trend in pregnancy reveals? Dads who surprise their wives by using pregnancy tests and surprising them with the news. Would you be ok with this?

Husband Pregnancy Test Surprise
We never thought we'd see a pregnancy reveal quite like this: A man recently took a video of himself sneaking into the bathroom after his wife, Kiki used it and forget to flush the toilet. Kiki was a week late and he had a feeling she was pregnant, so he opened his wife's pregnancy test stash, took one out and used her pee to see the results: Sure enough, Kiki was pregnant.

The dad shared the video, which showed him breaking the news to her, on Newsflare. Kiki was shocked—and while she was eventually incredibly happy over the reveal, we have to ask: Would you be okay with it if your partner did something like this? 

This father isn't the only one who has pulled something like this: Popular YouTube couple Sam and Nia had a similar story. Nia used the bathroom in the middle of night, and Sam knew his wife wouldn't flush so as not to wake their older children. He went into the bathroom and stuck a pregnancy test in the toilet, then revealed the news to his wife the next day.

Listen, we understand how excited these fathers must have been in their situations...but we also could easily see why a pregnant woman would have an issue with this sort of reveal. In the words of Mila Kunis, "stop saying, 'We're pregnant.' You're not pregnant!" Granted, learning of your partner's pregnancy first isn't quite the same as saying "we're pregnant," but the concept at work is pretty similar: While both parents are undergoing a huge life change, pregnancy can only be experienced by the woman who carries the baby—and she's the only one who can take full ownership over that. Doesn't that mean she should be the first person to know she's expecting?

Ultimately, we don't doubt that this man had great intentions, and we're so glad his wife was overjoyed over the news. But we want to hear from you: Would you be on board with your partner pulling a move like this on you?