How a 'Noisy' Bedroom Could Affect Your Odds of Getting Pregnant

Want to get pregnant? You might need to make sure your bedroom is nice and quiet. Discover how noise could impact your mate's sperm.

Noise impacts fertility fizkes/Shutterstock
If you're struggling to get pregnant, a surprising factor may be at work: The noise level in your bedroom.

Men who are routinely exposed to noisy environments—particularly throughout the night—may face a surprising health issue. According to the study's findings, this sort of noise exposure may be linked to male-factor infertility. In short? If you want to get pregnant, it might be wise to make your bedroom a quiet(ish) space.

The study appears in Environmental Pollution and comes from researchers at Seoul National University. According to its findings, exposure to over 55 decibels of night noise (which is equivalent to the amount of noise you'd hear on a suburban street) may affect male fertility. The researchers came to this finding after analyzing a dataset of over 200,000 men aged 20 to 59 and finding that infertility diagnoses were more common among the men exposed to excessive nighttime noise. The researchers adjusted for other factors that could skew this data and still found reason to believe there's a link.

Here's how the effect may work: Noise can obviously disrupt your sleep, which may factor in to this relationship. It may be more significant than that, though: According to the researchers, noise exposure can be tied to other significant health problems, including heart disease and mental illness. Men may not be the only ones affected by too much noise—the study's authors also point out that previous research has suggested a link between prenatal sound exposure and adverse fetal effects.

While this is definitely an interesting finding, we imagine the effect isn't absolute—that is to say, we're guessing plenty of couples go on to conceive successfully even if they like to turn the music up loud in their homes. With that being said, when you're trying to get pregnant, lifestyle factors can make a difference. If you're so inclined, keeping the volume down low in your bedroom might not be a bad idea.