Introducing the First Pregnancy Test Phone App

FirstResponse has rolled out a new technology that aims to reduce the stress of taking a pregnancy test, using Bluetooth and an app. The future is here, ladies.

Introducing the First Pregnancy Test Phone App

Is it that time to take a pregnancy test? There's an app for that.

FirstResponse knows that taking those tests can be incredibly stressful—from waiting for the results to getting the answer you don't want, there's a lot to freak out about when you're trying to conceive and going through the BFP/BFN motions.

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That's why the company has decided to roll-out a brand-new pregnancy testing technology: The test is connected to Bluetooth technology, which works in tandem with an app. The app is significantly more sensitive to the user's needs than the standard test alone: First of all, the app asks the user if she wants to be pregnant. It then tailors its response based on your answer. The app even gives you virtual guidance through that seemingly infinite waiting period, offering up advice, encouragment and entertainment until your results are ready to be viewed.

The test will run you a bit more than your run-of-the-mill old-school pregnancy test (it's between $15 and $25, according to our sources) but hey, you can't put a price on the peace of mind it could bring during such a monumental moment, right?

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