IVF Lottery Will Give Away Fertility Treatments to Women in Need

A New York doctor is holding a huge IVF giveaway for those who can't afford the pricey treatment. Because the sad reality is, most Americans can't afford it.

Fertility Treatments Pressmaster/Shutterstock
New York City fertility expert John Zhang, MD, knows how many couples struggle with infertility—and he also knows that pricey treatments like IVF can put American families into deep debt. That's why the doctor has decided to hold what is described as "the largest IVF giveaway ever."

The giveaway coincides with National Infertility Awareness Week: Dr. Zhang is holding a lottery for women aged 43 and younger who are in need of—but unable to afford—IVF treatments in order to conceive. If you've had a doctor's referral for IVF and have never been a patient at Dr. Zhang's New Hope Fertility Center, you're eligible to apply. The lottery won't just benefit a single winner; Dr. Zhang will give away 30 IVF cycles completely free of charge.

Obviously, this is wonderful news for couples who are struggling to conceive but unable to swallow the hefty price tag that comes with fertility treatments. But the fact that we need a lottery like this speaks volumes about the lack of access to fertility treatments for many Americans. As we've previously reported, the price tag on IVF procedures is close to $20,000 on average, which can be cost-prohibitive for many. And while other countries cover infertility treatments, many Americans have to pay out of pocket.

Dr. Zhang will provide millions of dollars worth of infertility treatments to patients who benefit from this lottery. If you're interested in applying you can do so until May 1. They'll announce the winners via a Facebook Live broadcast on May 5 at 2 pm EST. The one thing entrants should know: You won't be anonymous if you win free treatments, which may be a concern for some couples. But infertility is nothing to be ashamed of—and this lottery just might be the thing that helps you beat it.