Maximize Your Chances of Getting Pregnant

Everything you need to know to maximize your chances of conceiving.

8 Ways to Get Pregnant Faster

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Trying to get pregnant? Sure, it can be fun. But, it can also be a trying time if you don't conceive right away. Our guide to getting pregnant tells you what you need to know to maximize your chances of conceiving. Here, you'll find information on everything from preparing your body for pregnancy, to calculating your most fertile days, to the best foods to aid ovulation.

6 Ways To Get Ready

How to Get Pregnant
Whether you're just considering starting a family or you've been trying for a while, our complete guide to conception can help.

Ovulation Calculator
Increase your odds of getting pregnant by finding out which days of the month you're more likely to be fertile.

Ready, Set, Conceive!
A 3-month guide to preparing yourself for pregnancy

Preconception Checklist
A healthy pregnancy starts long before you test positive. Here's what to do before you get pregnant.

Prenatal Vitamins Made Easy
A good prenatal vitamin helps you get necessary nutrients your diet may lack.

Right Place, Right Time
To make a baby, sperm and egg must meet at the ideal moment. Here's how to know when that is.

6 Ways To Get Healthy

Fit for Pregnancy?
A guide to getting your body ready for a healthy nine months.

Of Fat and Fertility
Weighing too much—or too little—can make it harder for you to conceive.

What's Your Body Mass Index (BMI)?
Being too thin (a body mass index of less than 18.5) or overweight (a BMI of 25 or more) can affect your fertility and your baby's health.

Diet Changes That Aid Ovulation
Make these changes to better your chances of improving your ovulatory function.

Recipe: Yogurt Fruit Smoothie
Consumming one or two servings a day of whole milk or other full-fat dairy foods, such as yogurt, has been shown to improve ovulatory function.

Recipe: Squash and Escarole Ragout with Beans
Slow carbs such as whole wheat pasta help aid ovulation. Try vitamin packed butternut squashed paired with whole wheat pasta and protien-rich kidney beans.