Miscarriage Reality Check

Even after a loss, the odds that your pregnancy will go to term are good.


Your miscarriage risk is probably lower than you think; in fact, if you have no symptoms, such as bleeding, it’s less than 2 percent. The overall risk once you know you’re pregnant is 12 percent to 15 percent, but most women who go on to have a miscarriage have had symptoms. The best news of all: An average of 19 out of 20 first-time moms go on to have healthy, full-term pregnancies after a miscarriage. A recent British study also found that a woman’s miscarriage risk is related to her past pregnancy history as follows:

History Miscarriage Risk First pregnancy 5% Last pregnancy terminated 6% Last pregnancy a live birth 5% All pregnancies live births 4% One previous miscarriage 20% Two previous miscarriages 28% Three previous miscarriages 43%