Professional Runner Conceives After 9 Years Without a Period

Tina Muir, a professional runner, went nine whole years without getting a period. But after changing her lifestyle, Muir managed to get pregnant.

A few months ago, professional runner Tina Muir publicly declared she'd take a break from the sport to work on something more important: her health. Thanks to the intense training schedule and restrictive diet the sport demanded, Muir went nine years without getting a period, and she began to worry she'd be unable to start a family if she continued down the same path.

And now Muir, who successfully gained weight and restarted her cycle after taking the break, has some happy news to share: She's pregnant with her first child!

Muir, who is eight weeks along, announced her pregnancy on Instagram. According to the announcement, the baby is due in February 2018.

The mom-to-be shared more details about getting pregnant so soon after making this lifestyle change. 

"Through some miracle, I didn’t even get to have one period since my recovery from amenorrhea, I got pregnant on the first egg my body had released in 9 years! Yep, it really is that unbelievable," she wrote on her site. "So for 10 long weeks, I fought those inner demons telling me I was getting fat (and I beat them down, its amazing how little I hear them anymore), I didn’t run a step, I rested, I ate whatever the heck I wanted, and I trusted in my body to tell me when it was ready. And ready it was…apparently! It took my body 10 weeks and just 15lbs of weight gain to release that first egg, slap bang in the middle of the time my doctors predicted."

Muir admitted that she probably didn't have to give up running in order for this to happen, but this was simply the solution that worked (quickly!) for her. 

The runner also shared the news on her YouTube channel: According to the video, she stopped running in March, met with her OB/GYN in early May, and got her positive pregnancy test on May 28. Crazy, right?

Of course, every woman's body is different, and as inspirational as Muir's story is, it doesn't mean this method or timeline is going to work for everyone. But isn't it incredible that this woman conceived so quickly after going nine years without a period? 

Congratulations to Tina and her (growing) family!