Is There Such Thing as a Blizzard Baby Boom?

For couples snowed-in thanks to a record-breaking blizzard, there could be little else to do but try to make that baby—and statistics show this definitely happens.

Is There Such Thing as a Blizzard Baby Boom? Elena Elisseeva/Shutterstock

If you were in the Northeast this weekend, snowed-in thanks to the record-breaking Storm Jonas, we have an idea or two of what you were up to. Or should we say, the baby you tried to make? In about, say, nine or so months, we bet there may be an uptick in births, thanks to a blizzard baby boom.

Though there's not a scientifically-proven way to track just how many babies we can credit to heavy snowfall, last year, the maternity ward at Mercy Hospital in Buffalo told The Associated Press that they definitely saw a rise in births nine months after a big storm. The head of maternity services at Mercy, Mary Ann Murphy, requested more cribs to be delivered for last August, which was nine months after a historic 70-inches of snow in November 2014 in Buffalo. In fact, the hospital saw a 25 percent increase in births that month.

It makes sense to us: if you can't run errands, visit with friends or, in some areas, walk or drive, what else are you going to do when you're cooped-up inside? For those couples that are trying to conceive, the lack of pressure on the situation—and okay, the cozy, fun of a snowstorm—mean a blizzard can be a blessing in disguise.

And might we make a prediction that baby boys might get 'Jonas' in their name somewhere? Though it's the 357th most popular baby name according to, we bet that might change in, say, September?