This Tinder-Like App Helps Users Become Parents in Nontraditional Ways

Need a sperm donor, a surrogate, or a partner in parenting? A new app uses a Tinder-esque formula to help people with reproductive roadblocks get pregnant. 

App for Sperm Donors and Surrogates Look Studio/Shutterstock
People who choose or require non-traditional paths to parenthood don't always have it easy. Same-sex couples, women who are unable to carry children, single would-be parents—they all need a little help to welcome a child. The process can be complicated, to say the least...but now, thanks to new app Just a Baby, it may be a bit simpler.

Just a Baby is hailed as a Tinder of sorts—but instead of seeking out dates, users can sift through potential sperm/egg donors, partners, surrogates or co-parents. All you have to do is include information about what you're seeking and/or offering and start swipin'. If you swipe right on someone who does the same for you, you'll be connected and can start a conversation from there.

That doesn't mean it's a completely straightforward process, though: The app's team makes it clear that users still need to loop in legal help before they proceed, and many of the matchups facilitated by the app require medical intervention.

We imagine this would be a jumping-off point of sorts: Instead of allowing a facility to arrange matches, you can meet someone on your own terms and discuss details. So say you need a surrogate to carry your baby—you can likely find someone you click with via the app. And since being able to trust your surrogate is a huge thing, there's tremendous value in a tool that allows you to connect with potential choices on a more personal level.

"One of the goals of Just a Baby is to get people talking to each other and get people in the community talking. In a way, It's sort of a coming out of the closet. 'I'm looking for a sperm donor' or 'I'm having trouble having a baby' and I am going to shout that out to the world.  I think that's a huge step forward. In 30 seconds you're suddenly connected to a whole lot of people in the same boat as you," Just a Baby founder Paul Ryan said in an emailed statement.

Every user's experience will look a bit different based on how the matches proceed, but we have to hand it to Just a Baby's team—the fact that it's recognizing and supporting nontraditional parenting scenarios is pretty awesome. Would you use an app like this?