Two Bumps, One Baby: Check Out This Hilariously Honest Pregnancy Reveal

The moral of this pregnancy reveal? Moms aren't the only ones who sport bumps.

Give it up for Jasmine “Jelly” and Brandon “Beastie” Nehilla—they just might have the funniest pregnancy reveal we've seen (and trust us, we've seen a lot).

The couple chose to announce Jasmine's pregnancy with a photo that features both to-be parents. In it, they stand beside one another holding hands with both of their bellies exposed. Jasmine has the word "baby" written on her stomach with an arrow pointing towards her baby bump. As for Brandon—well, he has a single word written on his belly as well: beer.

We love this couple's sense of humor and creativity, but as it turns out, the couple actually saw a similar reveal a few years ago and decided to recreate it. It felt very appropriate for them, as Brandon is a beer enthusiast.

“When it came time to plan out our pregnancy announcement shoot, Beastie was super adamant about including the beer/baby idea,” Jasmine told The Huffington Post. “He’s a bit of a craft beer enthusiast with tons of beer-loving friends back in North Carolina, so the beer belly was not only authentic but also very appropriate.”

They enlisted photographer Heather LaShun to take the photo, which has been gaining a lot of attention on social media—and Jasmine hopes it will inspire other expectant parents to get creative with their own reveals. “I would love for people to let their personalities shine. These are the times that we’re going to look back on ― that are children are going to look back on ― and they should get more than a hand-holding cheesy smile ... they deserve a story, especially if we’re not around to tell it," she told The Huffington Post.

What do you think—when it comes to pregnancy reveals, would you rather do something funny, like this couple did? Or are you more in favor of the emotional reveals?