From This Issue: Online Extras from February-March 2015

Bonus content and other goodies from the current issue.

Molly Sims Fit Pregnancy cover model

Welcome to the Fit Pregnancy February/March issue, where you'll find help picking the perfect baby name, the most romantic babymoons and the super-spicy results of our pregnancy sex survey.

Speaking of feeling sexy while pregnant, our cover star Molly Sims, author of The Everyday Supermodel, offers up her best tips for looking hot and feeling happy all nine months. Plus, here are more extras from the issue:

Even More Molly! (p. 6) Check out exclusive online extras—including behind-the-scenes footage from our photo shoot with Molly Sims.

Crazy-Cute First Birthday Smash Cakes, (p. 6) Don't know what a smash cake is? Get the scoop—plus more first birthday ideas.

Hottest Baby Names of 2015, (p. 6) Find out which baby names are surging in popularity and how to choose the perfect moniker for your tot.

Your Sexy-Pregnancy Playlist, (p. 12) Feel the power with this almost-ready-to-push playlist.

Destination: Babymoon, (p. 37) Looking for your perfect vacay destination? Here, our top 20 pregnancy escapes.

Perfect Picks, (p. 68) Enter to win over $1,200 in prizes for moms-to-be, new moms and little ones.

Tia Mowry on Parenting, (p. BB26) The Instant Mom star shares the best way to handle little toddler fibs.