What Babies Bring to the Thanksgiving Table

New addition to the family? Consider these fresh approaches to your family tradition.


One of my family's traditions is shared by millions: Every Thanksgiving we go around the table and share the things we're grateful for. This year, there were the usuals: health, family and friends. There were also a few that were more unique and thought-provoking. One daughter was grateful we don't live in a war torn nation; specifically because it's safe to go for a walk—another Thanksgiving tradition. Another was grateful for puppies. She's in college, away from home, frequently exhausted and stressed out. One of her stress-busters is perusing Pet-Finders online. A few minutes drooling over puppies and she's instantly happier studying again. OK, very cute. I agree. Her gratitude for puppies though, provoked a conversation about the importance of baby-things in our lives.

Here's why babies are so important, besides their obvious and innate ability to bump up the world's cute factor. Every baby offers a new chance for everyone in the family—they bring out our best of intentions, a fresh batch of good will and love, and new resolutions to do the best you can.

Babies teach us how to "be here now." They'll never be more "in the moment" than they are in infancy when being held, breathing, eating and sleeping are enough activity. Parents too are content with sitting still, holding, nursing, and watching their sleeping child. Who needs anything else? The real reason new mothers have a hard time getting a shower? It takes a lot of time being present with a baby. It's all you can do. Later, when they're older, the future takes over and everyone races back into the pace of living but for a while, when they're babies, we're content to just...be.

At this time of year, so ripe with tradition, many of you are starting your first holiday season with new babies, new families and as new parents. Absorb it. Be present and content just being with your family. Come up with dorky traditions that'll mean a lot to you. For my family, it's watching birds and dogs and taking walks on usually gray days. It's spending all day in the kitchen cooking together. It's about laughing at stuff that's so stupid yet so intimate that we all have tears running from our eyes and milk shooting across the table. It's about being grateful for safety, sunshine and time together. For those of you having your first baby, it's a very fresh start to a new kind of living. For those adding to your clan, it's another chance to be your best while you add another beloved to your personal collection of favorite people. Whatever your traditions are, reflect and be grateful for the baby you're having that gives you and yours another chance to live well.

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