Behold! A 60-Second Labor is Possible

Envy-inducing or totally terrifying? You decide.

It's common knowledge that labor takes much longer for some women than it does for others—but this is just plain amazing. A recently-released video shows Jessica Stubbins, a new mom from England, give birth in under 60 seconds. Literally. 

Stubbins and her husband, Tom, were in the parking lot of their hospital when she realized she didn't have much time. "I just told Tom he best drop me off at the door as he parked the car," she said during an appearance on Good Morning Britain. "And then I was trying to close the door really quick and then as I got out I just knew that [the baby] was on the way."

Unfortunately, Stubbin's husband didn't make it in time to watch her deliver, so it's a good thing the event was captured on video.

Stubbins gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, Lucy, right there in the lobby of the hospital. The clip above shows the mom slump over, remove her pants, and pull her baby out in a matter of seconds. 

“She was coming," Stubbins said of the experience. "There was no stopping her, there was no time to sit down. I would have sat on her." 

Stubbins said a nurse at Scunthorpe General Hospital wrapped the baby in a hoodie and took her inside right after the birth.

We want to hear from you: Would you like to give birth like this? It definitely sounds less painful than a long labor, but at the same time, it might cheat a mother of the whole experience of giving birth. What do you think? Tell us in the comments!