Could Eating This Pizza Be the Key to Going Into Labor?

Moms swear that a specific buffalo wing pizza has the power to induce labor. Here's where you can find it—that is, if you haven't found your own labor food!

There's nothing fun about being 41 weeks pregnant—you feel massive, you're grossly uncomfortable, and you can't help but worry about birthing a 10-pounder. So what if making sure you go into labor sooner rather than later was as simple as chowing down on some pizza?

According to some moms, it might be. There's a Charlotte-based chain called Hawthorne's New York Pizza & Bar, and one particular menu item has become quite popular with overdue preggos. The eatery's buffalo wing pizza is, according to legend, packed with labor-inducing powers—several moms have said that eating this will send a pregnant woman straight to the delivery room. The pizza has even been nicknamed "the Inducer." 

“I think it’s amazing,” the restaurant's owner, Michael Adams, told Charlotte Five. “When the first person posted that our buffalo wing pizza induced their labor, several new moms followed up to say the same thing. I bet my wife wished she had known about the inducing pizza when she had our two kids at 9 lbs plus.”

This isn't the only time we've heard about food's ability to coax a baby out into the world. There's a long-standing belief that spicy food can speed up the end of pregnancy (and a buffalo wing pizza certainly has the heat factor!), and others believe pineapple fruit and juice get the job done. On a more specific note, there's a special salad that's earned a reputation for this as well.

While there's no medical evidence to support this particular pizza's ability to jump start labor, we definitely wouldn't blame a 40-weeks pregnant woman from rushing out to get some because um, that sounds delicious. And while this exact pizza may only be available to those who live in or around Charlotte, maybe any old buffalo chicken pizza has some inherent labor-inducing abilities?

Did any particular food help you go into labor?