Could This 'Maternity Salad' Help You Finally Go Into Labor?

Are you 40+ weeks pregnant and eager to go into labor? You might want to nosh on this legendary salad.

maternity salad Africa Studio/Shutterstock
You've probably heard about certain things that can help you get that baby out if your due date has already come and gone: Spicy food, sex, dancing...these things are all safe and enjoyable, so they're probably worth a try. 

But what happens when you've exhausted all those tried and true options and there's still no sign of your little babe? You might want to a try a similarly safe, simple solution to get him or her out, and that's where this famed salad comes into play. California restaurant Caioti Pizza Cafe serves up the salad, so unfortunately not every preggo can get her hands on it. But, the more important question is: Does this salad—made of watercress, romaine, walnuts, and pasteurized gorgonzola, along with a secret dressing blend—actually have any labor-inducing powers?

According to Carson Daly's wife, it just might. Siri Daly tried noshing on the salad while she was waiting on her daughter, Etta. "It was my due date, so needless to say I was ready for her to come out," Siri told TODAY. "I did start experiencing mild contractions within a few hours of eating it, and Etta was born two days later. The salad itself was tasty but what I really remember was the dressing, It had a very strong flavor—like perhaps it was laced with castor oil or Pitocin."

Siri tried the salad again during her second pregnancy, and while her younger daughter's labor was induced, she's not totally counting out the salad's effectiveness. 

And she's not the only one: The restaurant's owner told TODAY that women come in for the salad every day in hopes that it'll jump start their labor—she even said her own doctor suggested she try the method without even knowing she owned the restaurant.

While the exact breakdown of the salad dressing's ingredients are a well-kept secret, Siri's mention of castor oil hints at a belief that the stuff might be good for inducing labor—though expert opinions are mixed.

Who knows? Maybe there's some secret combination of ingredients that just gets the job done—all it takes is a simple glimpse at the restaurant's Yelp page to see that plenty of women believe they've had success with this method. And while that could just be chalked up to the fact that these ladies were past their due dates (the baby has to come out sometime, right?), we say this might be worth a try. If nothing else, at least you'll be getting those healthy greens in—you'll need them for the sheer exhaustion that comes with giving birth!