Facebook Proves Everyone Gives Birth Differently

A recent Facebook prompt encouraged women to share some details about their delivieries, and we love the range of experiences presented.

There are plenty of guidelines associated with pregnancy...but the truth is, no two people have the exact same experience when expecting. The same goes for giving birth: Sure, you'll get plenty of information about what you should expect after your water breaks, but the truth is simple: There's no "right" way for labor to look.

A Facebook group called "Birth Without Fear"  just posted a request asking women to come forward and share information about their birth experiences. Here's what the responses proved: There's really no way a woman can predict what her labor will look or feel like.

The group posted this prompt: "I went into labor at _____ weeks, was in labor for _____ hours and pushed for _____ minutes/hours. #variationsofnormal." Members filled in their own experiences...and let's just say the possibilities are seemingly endless when it comes to when you'll give birth and how long it'll take.

Here's how the results stacked up: Nearly 2,000 people commented to share their stories. One woman went in to labor at 28 weeks, another lasted over 43 weeks. Length of labor ranged from five to 56 hours, and while some women pushed for hours, one claimed her baby emerged after "zero" minutes of pushing. 

Some stories went according to plan. One woman commented "40 weeks (born on due date!), 26 hours, 20 minutes," while another probably never would have predicted how one little detail changed her whole experience. She commented: "41 weeks, labor for 5 hours at birth center, not a clue on pushing time.... It is a blur! Baby was in sunny side up position and was pretty comfy in my hip for most of the labor. Had she been in right position, midwife said she would have flown out. Didn't even have the slightest cone head. And she was a big girl too! Took a lot of hard work and directed pushing on a birth stool to get her out!"

We love this reminder that everyone has a different experience when it comes to pregnancy and delivery. Were you surprised by when or how you gave birth? Do you feel like your story is an outlier? Does seeing this massive range of experiences where labor is concerned make you more or less nervous for your own?