Knowledge is Power: Video Interviews

Explore the science and physiology of birth with these expert interview videos


Presented by Mindful Mama
Alternative Ways to Relieve Labor Pain by Penny Simkin, Co-Founder of DONA
Appropriate Interventions by Gail Hart, Midwife
Placenta Therapy by Jodi Selander, Founder of Placenta Benefits
Postpartum Depression by Jodi Selander, Founder of Placenta Benefits
Sex: The Pregnant Woman's Friend by Elizabeth Davis, Midwife
How Babies Participate in the Birth Process by Robbie Davis Floyd, PhD
The Milkbank Report: Evidenced Based Care by Stacey Kerr, MD
The Science of Water Birth by Michel Odent, Obstetrician
Why Cesarean by Ina May Gaskin, Midwife

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