'La La Land' Opening Number Gets Reimagined Through a Pregnant Woman's Eyes

The opening number from 'La La Land' looks completely different when you watch it through the eyes of a woman rushing to the hospital to give birth. And it's hilarious.

It may not pick up any Oscars, but this take on La La Land's opening sequence will definitely make you laugh—and, if you've ever been rushed to the hospital in the back seat of car while in labor, it'll probably hit much closer to home than the original.

If you've seen the film, you know it opens with a song-and-dance number featuring Los Angeles residents cheerfully passing the time as the navigate the city's notorious traffic—and this parody video aims to illuminate what all that giddy chaos might look like to someone who is battling contractions and worrying about literally shooting a baby out of her nether regions.

Like the original scene, the parody is set to the movie's song "Another Day of Sun". And while the imagined picture isn't exactly the stuff of movie musicals, it is a pretty strong representation of what that seemingly endless pre-delivery car ride feels like.

The video shows a woman slumped in the car's back seat, and she's sweating, writhing and looking straight up terrified every time a grinning face appears near her window. "Can you see there's a pregnant lady here? Who sent you? Who sent you? What's going on?" the dad-to-be screams from the front seat.

Meanwhile, the pregnant passenger is equal parts bewildered and frantic....and even moms who didn't deal with a full-on dance party happening on the road will understand how labor can do that to you.

Does this parody bring back any memories from the time you rushed to the hospital to give birth? Tell us!