Think Your Baby's Birth Story is Wild? These Twins Were Born in Different Years

Twins born in different years? It's totally possible—blame it on the New Year!

Twins Born in Different Years
If you're pregnant with twins, odds are they'll share a birthday. But sometimes twins arrive on different days. And for a rare few, they don't even share a birth year—just blame it on the New Year.

New Year's babies are always sources of plenty of excitement—parents wonder whether they'll be the first babies born in their given year, hospitals make celebrations of their births, news outlets cover their arrivals...but it all gets way more exciting when twins are due on or around December 31.

While generally, this happens to a set each year, 2016-2017 found itself with a bumper crop of twins born on either side of the split. According to reports, at least three sets of twins were born in different years. How wild is that?

A newborn in San Diego arrived just four minutes before her twin sister—but the babies managed to straddle the New Year despite this tiny window. One was born at 11:56 pm on December 31, 2016, while her "younger" sister made her way into the world right at midnight on January 1, 2017, according to CBS 8.

Meanwhile, CNN reports that a set of twins in Atlanta arrived one hour apart. The first baby was born at 11:20 pm on December 31; the second child arrived at 12:20 am on January 1, 2017. We imagine the twins' parents spent those 40 minutes wondering if they'd find themselves in this situation!

AZCentral shared the story of Everett and Sawyer Shay, a set of twins who were born 11 minutes apart. The second baby arrived just a minute after 2017 officially began in the family's home state of Arizona. "What a way to say happy new year," the twin's father, Brandon Shay, said. We'll say!

We imagine the elder siblings in these stories will enjoy taunting their younger counterparts with "I'm-a-whole-year-older-than-you-are" jabs for years to come!