Would You Hit Up the Hospital Salon While Waiting to Deliver Your Baby?

Beauty blogger Mollie Harwood used the time to get her eyebrows on fleek. 

Mollie Harwood Facebook

My daughter was born during the first week of August, and in all the pics from the hospital that day I'm sporting a nice summer glow. So when I found out that I was pregnant with my son a few years later and realized he'd be due around Thanksgiving, I was just the teensiest bit bummed at the thought of being all dull and pasty the second time around.

Then I came across a great pro tip in one of the pregnancy mags I found lying around in my doctor's office: Slather on a little self tanner when you go into labor, so that by the time the baby comes out, you'll be nice and bronze.

Pure genius! Go ahead and call me shallow, but this bizarre piece of advice totally worked—my tan game in my son's baby pic is strong! Which is why my first thought after hearing about makeup blogger Mollie Harwood getting her eyebrows tinted at the hospital while she was waiting around for a C-section was, "YASSSS QUEEN!"

What happened was this: Mollie showed up to the hospital last Friday to have her baby as planned, only to find out that the hospital was running behind schedule, as hospitals quite often do.

"So I arrived here thinking that I was going in probably at 10:30 or 11 o'clock to have a Cesar (sic) and noooo that's not happening," she begins in a video she posted on Facebook Live. "It's currently a quarter to 11 and apparently it's so busy that they can't fit me in at the moment."

Total bummer, right? But instead of just sitting around and waiting, Mollie decided to get up and start wandering the halls—and it was somewhere in those corridors that she made the most awesome discovery.

"I found a beauty salon," she explains to her 2,660-plus viewers. "The one thing I forgot to do before I came into hospital was get my eyebrows tinted. So, tada! This amazing woman is tinting my eyebrows!"

Gotta love it. The beauty blogger then chats about her fat feet and her pregnancy double chin, all with her brows covered in a mess of dark brown dye.

"I'm going to have nice dark eyebrows ready for my photo with baby which hopefully f*****g happens today," she says. "Anyway, just thought I'd give you an update. At least Mollie Makeup finds something to do in the hospital that relates to makeup."

So awesome!

Now can someone please start a petition to get a beauty salon in every hospital?