Would You Snapchat Your Baby's Birth? DJ Khaled Did

DJ Khaled just Snapchatted his son's birth. How would you feel if your partner chose to broadcast your labor on social media?

DJ Khaled is an incredibly proud new father—so proud, in fact, that he chose to share his son's triumphant entrance into the world with all of his fans via a Snapchat broadcast.

The musician was by his partner, Nicole Tuck's, side as she delivered their baby boy on Saturday night and into Sunday morning. While snapping a few pictures and maybe even sharing a newborn shot on social media before you leave the delivery room are fairly standard behaviors for new dads, DJ Khaled took it a step (or several steps) further: He used Snapchat and Instagram to share scenes from Nicole's labor with his followers...and he didn't shy away from filming the more intimate moments. 

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Viewers looked on as the couple's doctor updated them on the labor's status, they saw Khaled's nervous reactions to the proceedings, and caught glimpses of Nicole's ready-to-pop belly. Khaled even shared scenes from the final moments of the delivery. The soundtrack to the whole experience? The new father's own music, naturally.

Though the musician didn't share any footage of his newborn, fans had plenty to say about his decision to make the delivery so public:

The people have spoken, but now we want to hear from you. How would you feel if your partner shared your birth experience on social media?