YouTube Birth Videos

A curious mom-to-be can view the nitty-gritty details of delivery right from home.


You know your delivery probably won't go down like it did in Knocked Up or on ER (let's hope), but what labor and childbirth look like has remained mostly a mystery to modern women—until now.

Thanks to YouTube, a curious mom-to-be can view the nitty-gritty details of thousands of deliveries, mainly home births. A Virginia natural childbirth organization in Virginia even held a contest for the best birth video. While experts don't recommend YouTube as a primary source of birthing information, "many of the videos offer an honest, woman-to-woman perspective of the experience," says Donyale Abe of the International Childbirth Educators Association. "You rarely get that elsewhere."

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Birth Matters Virginia Video Contest Winners:

First-place winner: Prevent Cesarean Surgery

Second-place winner: The Nature of Natural Birth

Third-place winner: MisConception

To view the finalists, visit:

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