The YouTube Video That's Changing Childbirth

A new device helps women deliver their babies safely.

mother and her newborn baby

It all started when Jorge Odon, a car mechanic in Argentina, watched a YouTube video of a man recovering a cork from an empty wine bottle (shown below). But instead of pouring himself a glass of vino and calling it a day—Odon had an epiphany.

See how the cork was removed by inflating a plastic bag? Odon applied the same concept to childbirth, and invented a device that works the same way—only the cork is the baby, and the wine bottle is the birth canal.

Sound crazy? Well, the World Health Organziation, along with other experts in the field of maternal health, couldn't be more excited. "The device is a brilliant new innovation that could provide an affordable, user-friendly way to deliver a 'stuck' baby vaginally," says Jeanne Faulkner, R.N., maternal health advocate, "Ask the Labor Nurse" columnist, and senior writer of Every Mother Counts, noting that it could help save the lives of mothers experiencing obstructed labor. "It will hopefully provide a way for midwives to safely deliver babies in areas where electricity, hospitals, and doctors are rare."

As for its use in developed countries? More research needs to be done, but experts say it could eventually be an alternative to C-sections.

Here's the video that fueled Odon's inspiration: