News Anchor Defends Her Pregnancy Body

Watch this awesome video of Canadian meteorologist Kristi Gordon of Global News in British Columbia defending her pregnancy body against mean comments from viewers.

Kristi Gordon Defends Her Pregnancy Body Global News/YouTube

As women, we're used to feeling like our body is constantly under scrutiny. You would hope we'd catch a break during pregnancy, if not after. But sadly not. For those of us in the public eye at least. Canadian meteorologist Kristi Gordon of Global News in British Columbia is one example. The reporter, who is expecting her second child, was the victim of a barrage of negative comments about her pregnant body by viewers and she decided to do something about it on air—in the most awesome way.

In a special segment, Gordon read out portions of viewer letters she had received criticizing her appearance while pregnant on TV. Some called her a "hussy", while others recommended she wear "looser tops" to look more professional, still others were even harsher: "Nowhere on [North American] TV have we seen a reader so gross as you." And sadly, this isn't the first time naysayers had something cruel to say about her pregnancy body and the wardrobe she chose to wear while giving the weather update. She exprienced the same thing during her first pregnancy with her son in 2011.

We kind of love how Gordon's fellow anchors react to the comments, especially when Gordon stands up and makes the point that after a certain point in your pregnancy, it's impossible to hide your belly—and the female anchor asks what we're all thinking: "Why would you want to?!"

While it's—of course—insane to think that anyone would think a pregnant woman wearing semi-tight clothing is inappropriate, especially in a tasteful, professional way while working, what Gordon points out is that no matter how confident you are, words are painful. She said, "Last night I went to bed and thought about some of the things I did yesterday in the evening: I checked myself out in the mirror a couple of times, just to see how big I'm getting; I asked my husband, 'Am I not seeing it? Am I getting really big?'... It wasn't until I went to bed that I realized [despite being a confident person] when you say something mean about someone, it still affects them."

As the male anchor says—paraphrasing Taylor Swift—haters are going to hate, but one thing's for sure, Gordon and other pregnant ladies shouldn't be shamed for their changing, growing bodies. And if Gordon has a daughter, we bet she'll pass on that some of that sass, confidence and strength. Yeah, girl!