Tips (For Months 5-7)


Your Nutrition
- Eat just 300 calories more per day Even though your appetite is noticeably increasing, your daily calorie intake should go up just a little during the second and third trimesters. (Note: Your total gain should be 25 to 35 pounds if you're of normal weight.)
- Give in to some cravings But try to eat healthfully overall by choosing nutrient-rich foods like low-fat dairy, legumes, poultry, lean meats and fish.
- If you "run hot," eat cold foods Chilled fruit, frozen yogurt, and cold, cooked wild salmon are good choices.
- Eat dinner four hours before bed Your stomach is being squished by your growing baby, and forgoing food and drink before bedtime can help prevent heartburn (and minimize bathroom trips).

Your Workouts
- Don't exercise flat on your back If you do, the pressure from your enlarged uterus may reduce blood flow in a large vein called the vena cava. Instead, do abdominal exercises while sitting or kneeling on all fours. Strong ab muscles can help prevent back pain.
- Watch your balance As your belly grows, your balance shifts. If you're doing step aerobics, lower the step; if you're walking, stick to flat terrain.
- Swim It feels great when you're really big and offers relief for swollen legs and an aching back. (The hard part is getting into a bathing suit!)
- Relieve leg cramps Flex your foot toward your face and do ankle circles first in one direction, then the other, to stretch your calf muscles.
- Listen to Your Body Fatigue becomes such a normal part of pregnancy that it's easy to ignore, but don't: your body may be telling you to rest.

What To Do Now
- Stay safe Keep wearing your seatbelt, and watch your step. If you do fall, your baby probably will be fine, as she is protected by the amniotic fluid.
- Check out local hospitals and make appointments to tour maternity wards.
- Begin planning your baby's nursery Determine what you'll need to buy (and what to register for).
- Sign up for childbirth classes You should enroll by month seven.
- Calm your fears about labor Seek out other pregnant women to talk with about your anxieties.
- Research cord blood banking Public or private? Go to for a primer.

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