Tips (For Months 8-10)


Your Nutrition
- Keep drinking lots of water Also, to prevent constipation, eat plenty of fiber-rich foods such as bran cereals and whole-grain breads.
- Get cooking Now's the time to prepare and freeze some nutritious meals for when you and your new baby return from the hospital.

Your Workouts
- Slow down a bit Reduce the volume of your exercise, but keep doing gentle stretching, swimming and walking.
- Do only what feels comfortable Walking from one room to the next may be all that you're up to, which is OK.

What To Do Now
- Begin researching day-care options
- Find a pediatrician One will need to examine your baby just after birth.
- Buy an infant car seat You'll need it to bring baby home from the hospital.
- Pack your hospital bag And keep your car's gas tank filled!