Pregnancy Health

Safe Medications to Take While Pregnant

What's safe and what's not when you're expecting.

Stretch Mark Creams: What Works, What Doesn't

Thinking about investing in some of those tempting stretch mark creams? According to this study, you might want to save your money, or spend it more carefully.

Giving Birth Before Your Due Date: Do All 40 Weeks Matter?

New guidelines redefine "full-term pregnancy." Understand the impact that your delivery date can have on your baby's health.

Pregnancy Discharge: Yeah It's a Thing

Mysterious discharges during pregnancy can be annoyances or danger signs. How to tell what's normal and what's not.

Your Second Trimester, Week-by-Week

Our step-by-step timeline will help you navigate your pregnancy with as little stress and guesswork as possible.

Nikki Reed is Loving Pregnancy: "It's a Crazy Miracle to Feel This Kid Moving"

Nikki Reed--actress, writer, musician, activist, and fashion designer--is taking on another new title: first-time mom. Steal her secrets for getting it all done while still enjoying every moment along the way.

Discharge During Pregnancy: What's Safe, What's Not

Wondering if that unusual discharge is a natural part of pregnancy? Here's how to tell.

Baby Name Finder

Find the perfect baby name!

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Pregnancy Anxiety? The Truth About Your Top 10 Pregnancy Worries

Get the bottom line on the fears you'll face while pregnant, and expert tips on how to cope.

All About the First Trimester

For most women, the first 12 or so weeks of pregnancy are the most consuming because everything is all so new, so exciting, even overwhelming. To satisfy the little voice inside your head that keeps asking questions, here's a primer. Keep it handy.

Cures For Morning Sickness

Tips to help ease the pain of nausea and vomiting during pregnancy.

Week-by-Week Pregnancy Checklist

Our step-by-step timeline and checklist for navigating your pregnancy.

Month 5 (weeks 17-20)

How Big is My Baby This Week? Your Coolest Pregnancy Comparisons Yet

If you're totally bored by the week-by-week comparisons to fruit and vegetables you see everywhere else, we got you. Here are your 40 weeks of totally-relatable baby comparisons that will give you #pregnancygoals.

What Is Safe During Pregnancy--a Guide by Trimester

Safety guidelines for every stage of pregnancy.

Quick Cardio Moves For Every Stage of Your Pregnancy

Because you can get your cardio in and still have fun--even when you're expecting.

The Plank: Your Perfect Prenatal Upper Body Workout

Even pregnant ladies can safely work their cores.

Due Date Calculator

Use our our pregnancy due date calculator to find out when baby will arrive!

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Month 7 (weeks 25-28)

Pregnant Belly Basics

Interesting facts to know as your baby bump grows.

Pregnancy Rash: Is it PUPPPs?

Feeling the itch and what you can do to relieve it.

Month 1 (weeks 1-4)