4 Steps to Lower Cholesterol (for Baby's Sake)


You hope Baby has your hubby's eyes and your warm smile, but there are some traits you may not want to pass along. If you suffer from high cholesterol before pregnancy, your child may be three times more likely to develop the same condition later in life, suggests research presented at the Canadian Cardiovascular Conference. Try these tactics to lower your cholesterol, no matter how far along you are:

Go With Whole Grains

stack of whole grain bread GettyImages.com

Opt for wholegrain bread instead of white.

30-Minutes of Motion

pregnant woman walking for exercise CorbisImages.com

Fit in 30 minutes of exercise daily. It doesn't have to happen all at once—take a 15-minute walk at lunch and complete a soothing 15-minute prenatal yoga sequence before bed.

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Banish Butter

zero trans fat margarine GettyImages.com

Choose a soft margarine with zero trans fats instead of regular butter.

Skim the Fat

glass of almond milk and almonds Shutterstock.com

Swap full-fat milk for skim or almond varieties; soy is fine, too, in moderation.