4 Wild Ways Your Senses Change During Pregnancy

Improved Taste and Smell

Pregnancy nose: Is it real? GettyImages.com

Intensified odors and flavors are believed to be nature's way of protecting pregnant women from ingesting foods that aren't safe for pregnancy, a study published in Chemical Senses notes. However, your sensitive schnoz and palette fade as pregnancy wears on.

Blurry Vision

Blurry pregnancy vision GettyImages.com

With blood circulating less efficiently throughout your body, your vision could get blurry—poor circulation leads to fluid retention and that puts pressure on your peepers. Thankfully, your eyesight will be back to normal within six weeks of birth.

Hearing Loss

Hearing loss during pregnancy GettyImages.com

As with vision problems, any hearing loss is likely just another temporary effect of overall pregnancy bloating and inflammation. Too much fluid can close off your eustachian tubes, making your ears feel plugged up and blocked. This too shall pass (after the babe is born).

Tingling and Numb Hands

Tingling and numb hands during pregnancy GettyImages.com

Extra pressure (thanks to fluid retention again) on nerves can cause your hands to tingle or go numb. And in the third trimester, the stretched out skin across your belly might also lose sensation. But take a deep breath, Mama—it's temporary.