A New App Helps Women Meditate Their Way to Parenthood

Whether you're TTC or already have a new baby, the Expectful meditation app could be your ticket to a more zen experience. 

Mindfulness Expectful Meditation App Sirirat/Shutterstock
Study after study shows that stressing less during pregnancy is better for your health—and your baby's. Fortunately, there's now an app for that. Expectful is a new app that offers a library of guided meditations for women (and their partners) who are TTC, expecting, or new moms, all customized to where you are along your parenthood journey. The meditations are available in 10-minute and 20-minute sessions, designed by top mediation and mindfulness researchers, and targeted to help you reduce stress, connect with your body (and your baby!), and even manage your pain better during labor. 

The app was the brainchild of Expectful founder Mark Krassner, who watched his own mother try to manage mental health issues. "I thought a lot about my mom who struggled with anxiety and depression during my childhood and how a meditation practice may have been an agent of change in her life," he says. "After finding research that shows mediation’s ability to positively impact fertility, pregnancy, and motherhood, I started Expectful as a tribute to her."

Expectful utilized the latest fertility, prenatal and postnatal research to create meditations focused for the parenthood journey.  "Research shows the benefits of meditation at each stage of pregnancy include reduction of stress-related risk factors, reduced risk of preterm birth, enhanced immunity, improved baby outcomes, reduced pain during labor and a greater connection with partner and baby," Krassner says. "When trying to conceive, meditation can enhance fertility and balance hormones, and during early motherhood, it can reduce the risk of postpartum depression and boost emotional regulation. Expectful’s meditations are completely contextualized for each stage of the journey. We spoke with medical professionals, consulted research and talked to women about common challenges. Based on that information, we worked with a team of meditation experts, hypnotherapists, and sound engineers to carefully craft meditations that are specific to what is going on in a woman’s life during each stage."

After a two-week free trial, use of the app is $9 per month. And for every person who signs up for the app, Expectful gives a free subscription to a mom-to-be or new mom in need through the Motherhood Center, a program in New York City that provides treatment for moms suffering from postpartum depression and other mood and anxiety disorders.  

Now they just need to create guided meditations to help parents survive the terrible twos, road trips with small kids, and the teen years!