Blac Chyna Backs Down from 100-Pound Weight-Gain Goal and Loses 6 Pounds

The mom-to-be says she's hitting the gym twice a day to control her weight, which is certainly impressive. But is it safe?

Blac Chyna Weight Gain Instagram
There's one thing we can say with absolute certainty: Every pregnancy is different. There is no "normal" when it comes to the size of a woman's baby bump. There are numerous factors that can affect how a woman's body changes during and after gestation. And there's definitely no excuse for body shaming a woman, especially when she is pregnant.

But here's the thing: When it comes to pregnancy weight gain, there are guidelines. They have nothing to do with vanity; they're about health: As we've previously reported, women should be gaining between 25 and 35 pounds per pregnancy, provided they fall in the "healthy" weight range before conception. Women who are underweight can gain up to 40 pounds; overweight women can safely gain as few as 11. Sticking within (or around) this range is important. 

That's why we were a bit alarmed when Blac Chyna revealed her pregnancy weight gain goal on Snapchat: The future Mrs. Rob Kardashian told her fans her "goal" was to gain 100 pounds. Luckily, it seems like the famous mom-to-be won't follow through: She recently took to Snapchat again to reveal that she's keeping her pregnancy weight gain in check by working out twice a day. The lifestyle choice has yielded a six-pound weight loss already.


“I started eating more clean and walking,” she captioned her Snapchat video. “From 135 to 183 to 176.2.”

Obviously, it's great that the mom-to-be is eating well, working out, and keeping tabs on her weight gain—but should a pregnant woman ever drop weight? As we previously reported, this is a complicated issue. Wanting to maintain or lose weight during pregnancy is a pretty common sentiment, with a reported 34 percent of pregnant women saying they'd like to avoid additional weight gain during pregnancy. While it might be OK for an obese woman to drop some weight while she is expecting, at this point it seems like pregnant women who fall within the healthy weight range should focus more on nourishing their growing babies.

Does this mean Blac is going about things the wrong way? Not at all. Ultimately, if she's healthy and if her doctor is on board with what she's doing, that's all that matters. All we'll say is this: The amount of weight you gain during pregnancy matters. If you have any questions at all about how you should approach weight gain/weight loss while you're expecting, make sure to have a chat with your OBGYN.