Dial Down Your Pregnancy Discomfort

The perfect 5-minute move to melt away pain in your lower back, pelvis and feet.

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Ease pregnancy discomforts with this move by Sue Hitzmann, M.S., C.S.T., N.M.T., creator of MELT and author of The MELT Method (Harperone). "Doing the soft Ball Foot treatment for just five minutes five times a week will reduce aches in your low back, pelvis, and feet," Hitzmann says.

To get started, you'll need a small, soft rubber ball, explains Karen Zuckerman, L.M.T., MELT instructor and founder of New York-based Wellbody. (The ball shown in the photo is a massage ball with small nubs on it. For this exercise, choose a smooth, soft ball instead.)


[1] Stand with your feet hip-distance apart, holding on to the back of a sturdy chair if needed. Place your right foot on the ball, just in front of your heel, keeping your toes on the ground.

[2] Slowly move the ball from side to side 4 to 5 times as you gently compress the ball. Then, return to the starting point and wiggle your heel as you press down more firmly on the ball in a small area.

[3] Place the ball under the joint where your big toe meets the foot and press the ball toward your heel in a continuous motion. Repeat starting from each toe.

[4] Finally, rub your foot and toes over the ball in a quick, scribble-like motion.

[5] Repeat moves 1 through 4 with your left foot.