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Your Complete Guide to a Fit Pregnancy

Product Code: FP-BK-0001

Cost: $19.95

All Of Your Pregnancy Questions Answered!

Everything you need to know about nutrition, health, exercise, labor & delivery and losing weight after the birth. Find out how you can have a healthy,safe and fit pregnancy with this new book from the editors of Fit Pregnancy magazine. Inside, you'll learn about:

  • Our favorite prenatal yoga, Pilates and strength exercise programs
  • Food do's and don'ts, plus a pregnancy eating plan to help you get all the vitamins and nutrients you need now
  • Facts about depression, sex during pregnancy, the risks of too much stress and more
  • Prenatal tests you must have
  • Labor pain-relief options
  • Breastfeeding tips
  • Weight-loss strategies and workouts for new moms

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Sale! Fit Pregnancy Journal

Cost: $8.99

An Essential Companion for a Healthy, Happy Pregnancy

This journal takes you through each of the three trimesters and first six weeks after delivery. Chronicle your healthy journey through nine months of planning, dreaming and awe-inspiring physical transformations; through the miracle of childbirth and the precious first few weeks of life with your new baby.

Personalize Your Pregnancy

  • Chronicle your emotionally powerful experience and create a personal memento that will last a lifetime
  • Connect to the transformative power of your pregnancy and love your changing body
  • Record the best advice you've collected and build your confidence as a new mom
  • Take time to write about your experience and boost your mental and physical health

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Sale! Guess What? I'm Pregnant!

Cost: $3.99

A to Z health tips and suggestions

Read this little book - filled with beautiful pictures and illustrations, health tips and suggestions for the newly pregnant woman.

  • When to tell others about your pregnancy
  • Vitamins to start taking now
  • Harmful stuff to avoid
  • How to calculate your due date
  • Tricks to ease nausea ...and much more!

Product Details: 6" x 6.5" 120 glossy pages

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Sale! Ready For Baby?

Cost: $3.99

Get Ready for the Big Day!

About ready to have a baby? This little book offers information, tips and encouragement to help you. Here are some of the how-tos offered in this book:

  • Childbirth-education classes
  • Creating a nursery
  • Set up a bathing area
  • Set up a nursing spot
  • Stock a changing table
  • Be safe
  • Test a stroller
  • Buy a front carrier
  • Buy an infant car seat
  • Get ready to record the event
  • Plan your maternity leave
  • Write a will
  • Make a commitment to breastfeed
  • Prepare for a natural birth
  • Expect the unexpected
  • Have the shower you want
  • Prepare your pet
  • Get your body ready for labor
  • Talk to your first child about the baby
  • Decide who will deliver your baby
  • Decide where you want to have your baby
  • Calm your labor fears
  • Find a pediatrician you like
  • Know the signs of labor
  • Think good thoughts

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Sale! Baby's Here

Cost: $3.99

A first-year guide to taking care of your baby & yourself


Congratulations! Here's what you need to know during that first crazy, magical year together to take care of your baby and yourself.

Inside Your'll find...

  • What to expect from baby's sleep
  • Newborn care tricks
  • New-mom weight loss strategies
  • Breastfeeding tips
  • Exercise routines just for new mothers... and much more!

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Sale! Fit Pregnancy DVD Get Your Body Back After Baby!

Cost: $9.99

Get Your Body Back After Baby is a complete plan to help you get started right away.

With your doctor's approval, there are simple moves you can begin with the day of childbirth, and then progress through your first 6 to 9 months postpartum and beyond.

The DVD includes 5 workouts, ranging in length from 6 to 35 minutes. Each program is goal specific that targets different parts of your recovery period.

  • Program 1: Back to Basics offers 6 minutes of gentle and easy moves that you can do right away after delivery, even if you've had a C-section, including breathing, stretching and getting in touch with your abs.
  • Program 2: Flatten Your Abs includes 6 minutes of ab specific excercises to firm and tone your entire midsection.
  • Program 3: Toning in 10 is a targeted, 10-minute total body program that hits all of your muscle groups - thighs, hips, butt, abs and upper body.
  • Program 4: Circuit combines both cardio and strength into one 16-minute workout - it's timesaving, effective and really gets you on your way to dropping pounds, inches and getting back in shape.
  • Program 5: Get it Back is for moms who are at least 3 months postpartum - a 35-minute workout that includes an easy to follow AND fun cardio routine along with strengthening and stretching.

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