Fret Smart

Ease your worried pregnant mind


The moment you see those two little pink lines on the pregnancy test, the worry begins. Will the baby be healthy? Will you be a good mother? And how, exactly, are you going to get that baby out?! Never fear. We've gathered all our best advice and information to help put your worries to rest. Read on and rest assured.

Do You Dread Delivery?

10 ways to reduce your anxiety about labor

No Time, No Sleep

Tips and wisdom to allay these and other fears about motherhood

All of Me

Here's how to love that growing body

Brave New World

The 20 biggest scares and surprises about having a new baby

Birth Fears

Why the pregnant psyche imagines the worst

Calm, Cool & Collected

Being pregnant and giving birth should be joyous experiences, not anxiety-wracked ones. Here's the knowledge you need to keep common fears from spiraling out of control.

Fearless 1st Year

Having a new baby in the house often means experiencing anxieties about things you never even knew existed. From SIDS to solids, here is expert advice to put your worried mind at ease.

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