How Pregnancy Cured One Woman's Chronic Pain

Pregnancy might cause a few aches and pains, but for one woman, the experience was healing in the truest sense of the word.

Pregnancy isn't always the most comfortable experience: Between nausea, fatigue and the pain of childbirth, most moms experience some unpleasant symptoms. But for one mom, that discomfort paled in comparison to the chronic pain she experienced before she conceived—in fact, pregnancy just so happened to be the one thing that cured her pain. 

Kate C. Thompson was diagnosed with hemiplegic migraines when she was just 14. For ten years, they only affected her once a month or so—and then her migraines (which involved paralysis and severe neurological complications) became more and more frequent.

Thompson tried everything from Botox to dietary modifications, but nothing stopped the migraines from coming. Then, her doctor suggested something surprising: He told her pregnancy might reset her hormones and stop the migraines entirely. She was skeptical, but out of the blue her pain just went away...and a week later, Thompson took a pregnancy test. It was positive.

"At the first appointment the doctor gave us another surprise, twins. At seven months pregnant and still pain free the doctor gave us more good news, I probably wouldn't have another migraine again," the mother wrote of her experience in a post shared to the Love What Matters Facebook page

While this woman's story is pretty amazing, it's important to note that not everyone's experience will look like this. According to Everyday Health, migraines certainly can ease up during pregnancy...but this isn't always the case. "Anything can happen with migraines during pregnancy. Migraine may begin during pregnancy, preexisting migraine may worsen (particularly during the first trimester), or migraines may disappear. For some women, the migraine pattern is unchanged throughout the pregnancy," Stuart Stark, M.D., a headache specialist said in response to a woman whose migraines eased up during her pregnancy.

But for Thompson, the relief this solution provided was both unbelievable and undeniable. Thompson gave birth to two beautiful baby girls two months ago; she hasn't had a single migraine since she became pregnant. "At one time I only had thirteen pain free days over the course of three years. Next week I will celebrate three hundred days in a row pain free," she wrote.