Jillian Michaels: 6 Truths About Having a Baby

Jillian Michaels, the tough-as-nails coach from The Biggest Loser, became passionate about pregnancy when she and her fiancée started a family.

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When Jillian Michaels’s fiancée, Heidi Rhoades, was pregnant with their son, Phoenix, Michaels became the research-minded partner. “I can decipher a lot of information, and I have access to amazing experts, and yet [pregnancy health] was still confusing to me,” Michaels says. Her investigating, combined with her fitness expertise, became the basis for her book Yeah Baby!, which came out November 15 from Rodale. Read a few refreshingly honest snippets.

This Is the Time to Exercise.​

“"Work out? With that giant belly?’ You bet your baby bump! If you keep exercising up to your baby’s birth date, you reap benefits like an easier labor. In the third trimester, cut back. I recommend no more than four workouts a week at that point.”

It’s Okay to Acknowledge When You Feel Bummed.

“Many aspects of your life are on hold, and that can exacerbate moodiness. You may not feel like yourself, and while loneliness is not one of the obvious ‘symptoms,’ it can be insidious. I wish more people would talk about this.”

Your Partner Is Trying.

“While we’ve all heard couples use lingo like ‘We’re pregnant,’ that is bull. Only you are the one who is carrying a baby inside of you. Your partner is on the sidelines—maybe feeling helpless, definitely trying to be supportive—but absolutely not feeling what you’re experiencing.”

There Are No “Shoulds.”

“In the delivery room, do what’s best for you. Let the haters be damned. There have been a gazillion kids born from medicated labor and C-sections who are healthy, strong, and wonderful. In other parts of the world, an epidural or a C-section is called ‘modern medicine.’ ”

Ignore the Placenta Cult.

“The placenta is the only organ your body creates and then discards. I haven’t seen evidence that eating it has any benefits. It seems to me that ingesting it could mean taking in all the toxins you’ve been filtering out.”

The Fourth Trimester Is Real.

“Women often hint to one another that the first postpartum months can be challenging, but I don’t think anyone is prepared for the intensity. The trade-off, though? You get to meet the love of your life.”