Mission Babymoon: The 411 on Safe Travel During Pregnancy

Consider the Timing

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The golden window for getaways lies between week 14 and week 28, when health issues are less likely to crop up. After you reach 36 weeks, some airlines restrict travel or require a note from your doctor.

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B.Y.O. Munchies

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"Tote protein-based snacks and drink at least 8 ounces of noncarbonated drinks per hour," says maternal-fetal specialist Katherine Economy, M.D., of Brigham and Women's Hospital in Boston.

Choose the Aisle Seat

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It's easier to get up and stroll around for a bit—crucial for avoiding blood clots. Stuck in the middle seat? Economy recommends in-seat leg exercises like 10 reps of "stepping on the gas."

Find Backup

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If your OB clears you, it's unlikely you'll need a doc while away. Just in case: Call or email the resort in advance to see if they work with a hospital or physician group, Economy suggests.

Go Through Airport Security, Safely

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The old-school detectors are "totally safe," per Economy. With the new "body scan" machines, opinions vary. "They haven't been around long enough for us to guarantee their safety. If you have any concerns at all, you shouldn't hesitate to ask for a pat down," she says.

Buckle Up

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Yes! Experts recommend keeping the belt low on the hip, below the belly, whether you're in a plane or car. If you're taking a drive, make sure the shoulder belt goes between your breasts and hits your waist above the narrowest part of your belly.