OB/GYN Hilariously Tackles Frequently Asked Questions

A Reddit user posted a photo displaying her OB/GYN's sign, which features a rundown of frequently asked questions and her hilarious answers to them. It'll make you LOL!

If you've ever been nervous about asking your doctor yet another question, take comfort: Chances are, he or she has heard them all....over and over and over again. And since answering the same questions so many times can get old, one OB/GYN decided to put her own humorous spin on the typical questions.

A Reddit user posted a picture of a sign at her OB/GYN, and it's a pretty hilarious take on the doctor's most frequently asked questions. For example, here's how the OB/GYN chose to answer the all-too-common "should I have a baby after 35?" question: "No, 35 children is enough."

Found this at my OB appointment today. from BabyBumps

The doctor also addressed the issue of baby showers (they're unnecessary if you change the diaper as quickly as possible, FYI) and weighed in on when a woman can expect her baby to move ("with any luck, right after he finishes college").

The sign is a fun little touch, and every stressed-out preggo could use a laugh when she's heading in to an appointment, right? Of course, you should always ask your doctor any questions you come up with, frequently asked or not—but you have to admit, this sign is a pretty hilarious addition to a doctor's office!